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Bridal Boudoir Sessions | New Jersey Waterfront Studio

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Wedding planning—as exciting as it is—can be a bit stressful. Make time to relax, unwind, and savor the engagement stage. Booking a bridal boudoir session is the perfect way to refill your cup. Boudoir sessions are fun, sexy, and empowering—and they make great wedding/honeymoon gifts, too. You get a day of pampering and self-expression, and your partner gets a gorgeous album featuring you in your most radiant, confident form (it’s as much a gift to yourself as it is for anyone else).

So, you booked your bridal boudoir session; now what?

Here’s a helpful little guide to get you ready to steal the show.


Bridal Boudoir Session FAQs


How do I prepare for my bridal boudoir session?

Choose lingerie and accessories that make you feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident. A boudoir session is a perfect opportunity to show some self-love and indulge in a manicure, facial, and massage. You might even create a playlist of your favorite songs to help you relax and set the tone during your shoot.

If you feel like it, some light exercise the week before will get those happy endorphins flowing and make you feel more positive and confident–ready to rock your session! Drink lots of water, eat regular nutrient-dense meals (even the day of!), and don’t forget to apply lotion or moisturizer.

On the day of your session, pack a bag with multiple outfit options, potential accessories, and any backup beauty supplies. Wear loose clothing so it doesn’t leave imprints on your skin before the session.

**Hair and makeup are included in your session! Ting Yi Studio has an in-house hair and makeup professional available for full sessions, so all you have to do is show up with your outfits the day of your session.

When should I schedule boudoir portraits that will be a wedding gift?

After your session, I’ll assemble your online gallery, and you will select the photos you want. I will edit the images so they are print-ready. Then, we will meet again to go over prints, products, and display options. Professional albums can take weeks to design, craft, and ship, so I recommend booking your bridal boudoir session 2-3 months before your wedding (or when you plan to gift the album).


What do I wear for bridal boudoir portraits?

This part is up to you! I’m happy to offer ideas if you feel stumped. However, classic solids photograph well (as opposed to patterns). Texture and details are great, though! Lace, ruched material, ruffles, pockets, leather, etc., all add dimension and appeal to your photos. Choose something comfortable and fits your body well (we’re all beautifully different, so don’t feel like you need to try to fit into a style that doesn’t make you feel good). Plus, clothing that is too small can dig, squish, and leave imprints—not ideal for photos.

Boudoir outfit options include:

  • lingerie
  • bridal wear/tulle
  • lace wrap or robe
  • satin sets
  • bodysuit/swimsuit
  • tank, tee, or button-down white shirt
  • slightly oversized sweater
  • sporty sets
  • team jersey


Can I change outfits during my boudoir session?

 Absolutely! Depending on the type of session you choose, we’ll probably have a few hours together, which is plenty of time to switch outfits a couple of times. Our studio is a lakeside home with restrooms and bedrooms so you can change in privacy.

What is the difference between a bridal boudoir photo session and bridal portraits?

A bridal boudoir photo session is a specialty session where the bride is photographed in an intimate setting, such as a bedroom, suite, or dressing area.

Bridal portraits are more traditional and usually photographed in a studio, venue, or outdoors. You can display these in frames, albums, announcements, stationery, and wedding displays.


What do I do with my boudoir portraits once they’re ready?

Boudoir portraits look beautiful displayed as wall art, in albums, or as a gift for the groom. For example, some brides opt to have an album of boudoir photos made for their partner to open on the wedding day as a special surprise. You can also choose to keep the boudoir photos for yourself. Many brides use them as a reminder of self-love and empowerment. Alternatively, you may fame and hang your portraits in a special place in your home.

You might even consider splitting your photos and gifting one album on your wedding day or during your honeymoon and another album or display on your first anniversary (which conveniently happens to be paper if you follow yearly anniversary gift traditions. Professional albums are printed on the highest quality photographic paper or materials, but I say it still counts!)


Do I have to wear lingerie?

Not at all! You’re welcome to wear whatever you feel comfortable with. I recommend selecting pieces that make you feel pretty and confident for an empowering photo session—whatever that means for you. If you want to go a little out of your comfort zone without stripping down completely, this a safe place to do so; however, there are plenty of other options for tasteful or more modest bridal boudoir photos. (See the list above for some examples.)


New Jersey Boudoir Photographer

Ting Yi Studio is lakeside New Jersey photography studio for women. We strive to give women the much-needed getaway and photoshoot experience they deserve!

Get in touch with Ting Yi to reserve a date and start planning your bridal boudoir session.

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